2014 Interop Expo – MRCS13 Product Review Video

Uptime Racks is the industry leader of air conditioned computer cabinets. Our cabinets and racks deliver the highest cooling capacity where you need it most, directly in front of the network equipment inside your computer rack. Uptime Racks close-coupled cooling provides secure and reliable cooling to mission critical IT equipment. Uptime Racks are the ideal cooling solution for almost any IT environment. Whether the cabinets are installed in a small IT closet or a large data center, they are great for primary, supplemental, or back-up cooling.

  • High Cooling Capacity: 13,000 Btu/hr @ 115V
  • Cabinet cooling powered by MovinCool
  • 16U – 45U of available rack space
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Cold Aisle / Hot Aisle configuration
  • Plug-and-Play installation

Description: Uptime Racks launched the Modular Rack Cooling System 13 (MRCS13) at the 2014 Interop Expo, where it was well received by the attendees. Eli the Computer Guy was one of the attendees that stopped by the booth to learn about our newest air conditioned server rack. In the video he expertly summed up the value that our air conditioned server cabinets bring to any company. Uptime Racks exhibited the MRCS13-30R at the 2014 Interop Expo, which is a 30U server rack with optional front air dams.