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Uptime Racks MRCS13 & ECC13 were designed and developed by TechniCool Innovations Inc. (TCI) and DENSO Corporation / MovinCool. TCI has a long standing partnership with DENSO, extending back to 2001 on various MovinCool air conditioners. TCI has spent decades studying the evolving needs of IT and data center cooling, and is recognized for the engineering leadership behind the MovinCool and CoolCube portable air conditioning brands. TCI is an innovative engineering company specializing in the rackmount air conditioning market since 2004. TCI has spent decades creating cooling solutions for data centers large and small. Watching the market grow and evolve, TCI developed unique design expertise in rackmount cooling. TCI is known for designing uncompromising quality air conditioners, that have been relied on for decades by IT administrators for their uncompromising quality to cool down their mission critical data centers.

The TCI – DENSO partnership has recently led to another innovative rackmount air conditioner, EdgeCool. EdgeCool was developed to bring high-efficiency data center cooling down to the rack level resulting in mass adoption rates across the small data center market. The EdgeCool 5 Series transforms server racks into portable, energy-saving server rooms. The revolutionary split system air conditioner is designed for self-contained operation within any rack. EdgeCool units require no additional floor space and works with most new or existing server racks with little or no modifications. Edgecool brings data center cooling efficiencies to the rack level. It’s patented and powerful design cools 4kW of sensible heat load per rack, while operating on standard 115 VAC power.

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* MovinCool and EdgeCool are brands of the DENSO Coporation. CoolCube is a brand of the MaxPower Corporation.