Emergency Operations Center

When disasters hit and minutes count, an Emergency Operations Center is quickly established to protect life and property within the community. A central command and control facility responsible for disaster management collects and analyzes data to develop strategies and assign critical resources to tactical operations. A remote data center located in the disaster area is required to control the flow of information and communicate effectively to the various emergency responding agencies and to the general public. Uptime Racks MRCS13 & ECC13 server racks contain all the critical infrastructure within one computer cabinet to effectively deploy your IT network in remote disaster locations, whether it’s an old warehouse or a large tent. With Uptime Racks’ technology, organizations can reduce the size of their remote data center altogether.

Data Center Infrastructure within Cabinet

  • Portable Computer Cabinet
    • Uptime Racks air conditioned server racks are available in various heights and easily move from location to location
  • Cooling
    • 13,000 Btu/hr cooling capacity @ 115V standard voltage
  • Back-up Power
    • Back-up UPS power available for IT network and self contained air conditioner
  • Monitoring
    • Environmental monitoring located within the computer cabinet

Portable Data Center Markets

With the growth of technology and advanced communications, there is a growing need for IT solutions that reach beyond the confines of a fixed data center. There are many applications in which IT services are required in an arbitrary location. These IT services can be accomplished with equipment that populates one or two Uptime Racks server cabinets. The MRCS13 & ECC13 are the perfect solution for a portable data center that is easily transported to any location at a moment’s notice.

  • Military
    • Military operations are often required to build and dismantle bases with very little notice. The remote data centers required for these bases need to be portable and flexible to meet changing needs.
  • Mobile Operations
    • Commercial operations (mobile blood drives, bank branch offices, product demo trailer, etc…) that set up operation in a mobile unit with limited space and a need for access to data and applications.
  • Scientific or Engineering Explorations
    • Explorations are established in some of the most remote regions of the world where access to a central IT data center is impossible.
  • Major Events / Trade shows
    • Events with IT networks that are continuously on the road, setting up and tearing down, benefit from an Uptime Racks cabinet with it’s built-in data center infrastructure. The portable nature and extensive infrastructure provides peace of mind to your IT equipment.