ECC13 – Features/Benefits

Features/Benefits Uptime

Racks ECC13 air conditioned computer cabinet delivers the highest cooling capacity in the industry at 115 Volts. A MovinCool air conditioner is at the heart of the cabinet’s design, with additional features that allow the air conditioned cabinet to cool down any IT network:


  • 13,000 Btu/hr (3.8kW) of cooling capacity at 115 V
  • Cabinet cooling powered by MovinCool
  • Efficient cooling brings air conditioner directly to the heat source
  • Operates down to 65°F, making it the perfect solution for you valuable IT network
  • Automatic restart function for power outages
  • Highly economical and efficient way to cool IT networks
  • Cost-effective alternative for weekend or after-hours cooling when the main system is shut down
  • Provides secure and reliable cooling to mission critical IT equipment
  • Air conditioner uses no additional floor space
  • Ideal cooling solution for almost any IT environment: Small server room / large data center / open office space
  • Cooling works well in both raised or slab floor data centers
  • Used as primary, supplemental, or back-up cooling
  • ETL Listed air conditioner
  • Large precision digital temperature display for easy monitoring

Computer Cabinet

  • 32U of available rack space
  • Plug –and-Play Installation to reduce overall cost
  • Heavy duty welded steel cabinet construction

Computer Cabinet

  • Easy Mobility: Wheel mounted cabinet
  • 19” EIA-310 standard hole spacing
  • Adjustable rails up to 33.5” for compatibility of all leading server brands
  • Cabinet Access: Lockable Front/Rear doors and removable side panels
  • Weight-Load Rating: 2000 lbs.
  • Cabinet height is under 7 feet tall to fit through any standard commercial door Monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring operates on any WiFi network
  • Email alerts when the temperature exceeds alarm set points
  • Daily status email provides high, low, and average temperatures Back-Up Cooling / Power
  • UPS provides back-up power to air conditioner during power outages
  • UPS provides back-up power to mission critical IT equipment